My name is Julian Brouwer ...and I'm a workaholic.

I have been a journalist for 30 years, covering some of the world’s biggest stories, including Paul McCartney's disastrous relationship with Heather Mills, the death of Princess Diana and the World Trade Center attack.

I quit London tabloids to pursue a rewarding and often demanding career in America.

My noughties column "This is America" - which looked at the lighter side of life across the Pond - used to appear in the Daily Express six days a week. Like all good things it ended because the public finally grew tired of reading stories about important topics like the world's most expensive hamburger.

These days, my successful agency Manhattan News specialises in Irish and Irish American stories.

In addition to merely covering news, I train others to become journalists, through my work for the College of Media and Publishing, where I also tutor courses in Freelance Journalism, Creative WritingProofreading and Copywriting.

Meanwhile, my new webzine The Yard of Ale is making drunken waves.