I am currently writing my memoir Bi-Polar Hack, which tells the crazy story of my rise to fame in Fleet Street.

I am also working on two creative projects - a screenplay called "Larry Milk" and a graphic novel, provisionally titled "Beltane 5."

The first is a comic drama about Britain's laziest journalist and his hard-drinking ways. It's not autobiographical, I assure you! Though, I admit elements of it are taken from real life experiences...

The second is something I started a few years ago, which mixes drama with the supernatural. I'm collaborating with a comic book artist and will hopefully have something to show readers next year.

My main work project is London News Service, a press agency I have set up to provide stories from the capital.

As well as providing top notch tales for the national press and magazines, we offer a unique press release writing service, with rates starting at the bargain bucket price of £100. In addition to that, we help our readers make money through selling their stories for as much as £1000.

I also now work for the College of Media and Publishing, teaching others to become journalists and tutoring courses in Proofreading, Creative Writing and Copywriting.